Frequently Asked Questions

Can a payment plan be set up for monthly payments?

Yes, consistent monthly payments can be arranged to avoid any collection concerns. Ask our billing office for more details.

If you have managed care health insurance, it is important that we know that from your first visit so we can obtain the necessary backup referrals. If we do not obtain the necessary backup approvals, your managed care plan may deny payment leaving your responsible for the payments.

Has my surgery been authorized yet?

If you have not heard from our coordinator with a date and instructions, your surgery may not have yet been authorized. Please call our office if there are any questions.

Should I bring my x-rays and test results?

If you have any tests, including x-rays, done at another facility, please bring them with you to your first office visit. This will greatly help your doctor care for you (and may prevent repeating these tests). This includes physical therapy reports, EMG/ Nerve Conduction Studies, MRI studies, CT Scans and any other testing or treatment.

What Should I do in an Emergency?

In a life-threatening emergency, always call 911 immediately.

For other situations requiring urgent care during non-business hours, please call our office at (302) 644-3311 to reach the on call physician.